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Female CapricornCAPRICORN
Turn on your game. Man-magnet Venus moves into your sign on the 26th and this will help you attract some dashing admirers. While the sexy planet will spark interest, you’ll have to work harder to prove to these hotties you’re worth it. Go easy on yourself, Goat. Meditation helps you mellow out when retro Mercury makes you particularly hard on yourself. Friday’s lucky numbers: 40, 39, 2, 6, 38, 4.

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Female AriesARIES
Go on a beauty hunt. Resourceful Mercury suggests trying a counter makeover before you buy, or plough bargain stalls with a haggler friend to help you steal-a-deal. Single? Jupiter says arriving early at a soiree presents an opportunity to chat up a cutie or two. Attached? Neptune encourages sweet encounters today. Kiss him deeply before he leaves for work. You’ll feel close to each other all day. Your lucky numbers: 22, 14, 20, 31, 7, 26.

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Female SagittariusSAGITTARIUS
Don’t spoil it. It may not seem like such a big deal to throw a Uranus-induced tantrum today, but flipping out will get you a bad rap. If you’re looking to rev up your style, funky Mercury says to consider adding a touch of retro sexy to your look. You might not have to shop at all. It doesn’t hurt to ask mom if she still has some of her good-old-days clothes, like a rhinestone slim-cut denim jacket or button fly jeans. Your lucky numbers: 26, 36, 15, 37, 11, 2.

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Get help. Sensitive Fishes might have a hard time relaxing under the stress-filled Full Moon. Consider getting a scalp or foot massage if you need to unwind today. Attached? Resist lunar-sent possession obsession as much as you can. You don’t want him to think that you’re getting clingy. Love post-booty call? It’s downright possible under star-struck Neptune. Your lucky numbers: 22, 43, 34, 16, 21, 26.

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Boost your credentials. Commando Mars says to use initiative and take charge. Getting credit for your work is an incredible rush and will benefit your portfolio immensely. Single? You’re feeling aggressive today, so call a cutie you’re crushing on. Attached? You’re up for man-domination tonight. Getting on top and giving him the full 360 degrees will make him see stars. Your lucky numbers: 5, 19, 20, 40, 14, 39.

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Make the time.You deserve at least one guilt-free, responsibility-free and worry-free day in the week. The Moon in your sign urges you to take time out to pamper yourself. Make no reason of having no time. Start with tonight, and enjoy yourself even if you really have to work at it!

Cosmic tip: Scampish Jupiter dares you to lose your good-girl image today, like showing lots of skin in a backless day dress. Your lucky numbers: 28, 9, 43, 48, 38, 26.

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Be a tough cookie. It’s not the time for complacency, Pisces. When a co-worker says something that undermines your position, channel Pluto’s firepower and be ready with a fitting put-her-in-her-place comeback. You hate running afoul of anyone, but this time around, don’t let a rude remark slide.

Cosmic tip: Use Pluto’s moxie to bump up your confidence. Be a rock star at work—and a vixen at home. Your lucky numbers: 36, 39, 18, 35, 13, 15.

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Cat Arriola [Astrodiva]

Cat Arriola [Astrodiva]

Astrodiva wrote horoscopes for FemaleNetwork and Cosmopolitan (Philippines) Online. You'll find the same fun sexy slant here.

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  • Tues., January 5 @2:58 AM
    Sun conjunct Mercury
    You're extra bubbly and talkative. Communicate--you're the star!
    @6:29 PM
    Mercury conjunct Venus
    New friends add sparkle to your social life.
  • Tues., January 12 @4:23 AM
    Sun conjunct Venus
    Power up your inner Diva with with a hot new outfit.
  • Wed., January 13 @5:35 PM
    Venus sextile Uranus
    Flirty innuendo piques his interest.
  • Thurs., January 14 @2:57 AM
    Sun sextile Uranus
    Soar high and don't limit yourself.
  • Sat., January 16 @12:44 AM
    Mercury stations Direct in Capricorn
    Get ready to act out your ideas.
  • Mon., January 18 @9:22 AM
    Jupiter into Pisces
    Sympathy builds rapport with other people.
    @10:20 PM
    Venus into Aquarius
    Your unpredictable mix of aloofness and bubbly warmth keeps them guessing. Shock tactics thrill.
  • Wed., January 20 @12:19 PM
    Sun into Aquarius
    Heed your need to be different. Do your own thing.
  • Fri., January 22 @1:53 PM
    Venus trine Saturn
    Nourish the ties that bind you.
  • Sun., January 24 @11:29 PM
    Sun trine Saturn
    What you build now is built to last. Lay some strong foundations.
  • Wed., January 27 @1:17 PM
    Venus oppose Mars
    You're looking for a new turn-on. Go with your passion.
  • Sat., January 30 @3:35 AM
    Sun oppose Mars
    Anger is a waste of your time. Hit the gym--or the bedroom!

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