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Female LeoLEO
Get gutsy. You’re a little bit devilish when the Moon teams up with Mars in your sign. Single? Go ahead and shamelessly flirt with a cutie you’re dying to know better. Attached? Hang around your pad wearing nothing but a thong. It’ll drive him crazy. Health and fitness: Your determination to work out your bod is on overdrive. Not only will you exercise harder than ever, you’ll actually enjoy it, for once! Your lucky numbers: 6, 19, 41, 36, 8, 42.

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Female CancerCANCER
Clear the air. Cancer chicks aren’t into mind games, so don’t avoid an issue that might arise on the 4th (a friend acts standoffish). Confronting the problem should clear things up under straightforward Saturn. The Moon in your sign says to consider turning the spotlight on your best asset on the 5th, such as a low-cut top that frames your ample cleavage, to remind you (and everyone else) that you’re fearlessly fab. Friday’s lucky numbers: 11, 13, 15, 37, 39, 24.

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Get primping. You’re big on romance today, so focus on making yourself look H-O-T. Single? Amorous Venus may send you a surprise (like a hookup call from an old flame). The stars say love could be sweeter this time around. Attached? Have dinner in bed when indulgent Venus and the Moon combine your appetite for food and frolic. Your lucky numbers: 42, 23, 28, 32, 22, 34.

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Keep your head straight. Every one of your friends has a better way for you to run your life that isn’t the way you want to live. Keep focused on your goals because they’re the only ones that matter. When work overload makes you feel like crashing tonight, rejuvenating Venus suggests that you get a deep massage before heading home. Your lucky numbers: 19, 8, 33, 15, 21, 23.

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Indulge your lust. No wonder you can’t sit still for more than five seconds. Mars sends your energy levels sky high and it seems like there’s only one way to wear you out: Sex. Single? Don’t feel guilty about making a late-night booty call if you need a nooky fix to help you to fall asleep. Attached? Sending him a seductive text like “Surprise at 7” will make him fly home. Your lucky numbers: 25, 26, 30, 7, 14, 15.

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Fine tune your radar. You may think you have someone figured out, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The intuitive Moon says to do some behind-the-scenes investigating if you feel something fishy is going on with a pal. You’re not being nosey for the heck of it. Chalk it up to caring about someone’s well-being.

Cosmic tip: The outdoorsy Moon says to go for a run. The change in scenery will lift you to your higher ground. Your lucky numbers: 39, 20, 1, 47, 19, 40.

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Unleash your goddess. Single? You, Lioness, are hot, hot, hot. Of course you know this. And among your Sun sign sisters, it’s you who can persuade any guy that the feeling is mutual. The Moon strutting into your sign says get ready to trot. Attached? Your every carnal wish is his command.

Cosmic tip: It’s your Diva day. Indulge a whim like buying a designer fragrance. Your lucky numbers: 4, 19, 17, 21, 20, 41.

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Cat Arriola [Astrodiva]

Cat Arriola [Astrodiva]

Astrodiva wrote horoscopes for FemaleNetwork and Cosmopolitan (Philippines) Online. You'll find the same fun sexy slant here.

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  • Tues., January 5 @2:58 AM
    Sun conjunct Mercury
    You're extra bubbly and talkative. Communicate--you're the star!
    @6:29 PM
    Mercury conjunct Venus
    New friends add sparkle to your social life.
  • Tues., January 12 @4:23 AM
    Sun conjunct Venus
    Power up your inner Diva with with a hot new outfit.
  • Wed., January 13 @5:35 PM
    Venus sextile Uranus
    Flirty innuendo piques his interest.
  • Thurs., January 14 @2:57 AM
    Sun sextile Uranus
    Soar high and don't limit yourself.
  • Sat., January 16 @12:44 AM
    Mercury stations Direct in Capricorn
    Get ready to act out your ideas.
  • Mon., January 18 @9:22 AM
    Jupiter into Pisces
    Sympathy builds rapport with other people.
    @10:20 PM
    Venus into Aquarius
    Your unpredictable mix of aloofness and bubbly warmth keeps them guessing. Shock tactics thrill.
  • Wed., January 20 @12:19 PM
    Sun into Aquarius
    Heed your need to be different. Do your own thing.
  • Fri., January 22 @1:53 PM
    Venus trine Saturn
    Nourish the ties that bind you.
  • Sun., January 24 @11:29 PM
    Sun trine Saturn
    What you build now is built to last. Lay some strong foundations.
  • Wed., January 27 @1:17 PM
    Venus oppose Mars
    You're looking for a new turn-on. Go with your passion.
  • Sat., January 30 @3:35 AM
    Sun oppose Mars
    Anger is a waste of your time. Hit the gym--or the bedroom!

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