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In starry retrospect

[from my scribble book, c.2004, unedited]

Nothing beats a coffee and cigarette break in between astrological consultations. it is the reason why i usually do chart readings in coffee shops. early in my practice, it was important for me to have a quiet corner to do a reading effectively. however, a quiet, air-conditioned room where one could smoke became harder and harder to find. as i became more proficient in reading charts i found it easier to cope with external ambient noise. reinforcing my ‘astral bubble’ also helped me shut out nearly all but the loudest disturbance.

a question posed by former GIRLTalk Community Director Minnette Gamez during an interview for my GIRLTalker of the Month award in October 2001 concerned my passion for astrology. this unusual interest generally makes people curious about how it all began, and why i became an astrologer.

the journey began as a girl of 11. as most young girls are wont to do, i browsed newspapers and magazines for horoscopes. during my high school years i bought books that dealt with ancient mysteries and the occult. the only books on astrology that i owned that time were Linda Goodman’s bestsellers, “Sun Signs”, and much later, “Love Signs”. i had absolutely no inkling that i would get into the serious stuff someday. and even if i wanted to study it back then, i wouldn’t have known where to go or whom to ask.

the ground broke when i was 17 years old. a friend of my mother’s came to visit and happened to bring along a book he just bought, “The Compleat Astrologer,” authored by Julia and Derek Parker. Fred waxed enthusiastic as he explained the book to me. like me, he was an avid reader of ancient mysteries, especially those about the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

one must remember that this was in the 1970s, when awareness about the Aquarian Age came into full fervor. Fred was a good many years older than me and he was of that generation known as the Flower Children. it was a time when young people were idealistic and much driven to attain a beautiful experience, the kind made possible by psychedelic drugs.

When the Moon is in the Seventh House
and Jupiter aligns with Mars
then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…

many of his generation made inroads in the spiritual world. ouija boards and tarot cards came into fashion. born when Neptune was traveling through the sign of peace-seeking, pleasure-loving Libra (1942-1956/57…Neptune occupies a sign for about 14 years, the time span of a generation), the Flower Power generation experimented with exotic lifestyles to escape the ugliness of war and liberate themselves from the demands of society, and in which to seek “truth in beauty.”

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation

at the time i did not comprehend the first two lines of the song, but it certainly brought me to the doorstep of what would later be termed as “Real Astrology.” this is not the astrology of horoscope forecasts (although i would be writing those myself two decades hence), nor is it Linda Goodman’s descriptions of sun sign personalities. this book went beyond anything i had heretofore read on astrology. it described the planetary energies and their inter-relationships in great detail and delved into the technical aspect of the astrologer’s craft–the calculation of the planets’ positions and the drafting of the natal horoscope itself. it even included an ephemeris (tables of planetary positions) up to the year 2000. i succumbed willingly to astro fever. i felt a burning need to learn about myself through the stars.

Fred did not make use of the book since i pleaded with him to let me keep it. i kept it selfishly for nearly a year. commercial photocopying was a rather new thing at the time, but i did spend much of my student’s allowance to have the entire ephemeris “zeroxed” so i wouldn’t be left without a vital resource.

the desire to learn astrology motivated me to overcome my math phobia. i produced my personal birth horoscope, my first real astrological accomplishment, in one weekend. it was the shining moment of my young life. the age of home computing was still several years down the road and an astrology student was compelled to work with ruler, compass, protractor, scientific calculator, pencils, colored markers, and yes, a data notebook plus endless sheets of bond paper. today i could generate a natal chart in less than a minute…the universe be thanked for giving astrology the benefit of computers and chart calculation software!

after graduating from college in 1983, i let astrology slip by as i turned my attention to “matters of consequence.” much like everybody else, i worked six days a week on my job, dated, went into relationships, fell in love and found the man to get married to one day.

in the fateful year 1999, my erstwhile stable life underwent a tremendous change. Neptune made a difficult transit to my natal Venus, an influence that would last many years and bring about irrevocable consequences. as my unacknowledged unhappiness sought redress, emotional and philosophical crises emerged and my marriage hit rock bottom. at the crossroads of my life, i returned to astrology for succor. i bought a laptop and learned to use the Internet. i was astounded by the wealth of astrological information available at my fingertip. another door opened for me to explore the myriad disciplines of this ancient cosmic science.

also in that year, i met the man who would inspire me to polish and practice my craft. Henry Palacios was a British-trained professional astrologer who operated a stall at the Mega Mall in Mandaluyong City that offered computer-generated astrology reports called Natal Astrology. a moment of impulse brought me to his counter i bought a character profile. the attendant gave me a form to fill and told me to come back after 15 minutes for the printout.

upon my return i inquired after my report. the attendant excused himself and returned with Henry a minute later. Henry introduced himself and said that he wished to speak with me personally about my profile. i thought it was odd because other customers simply walked out of the store after paying for their reports.

Henry explained my profile in convincing detail, many of which i have already known in my own analysis of my birth horoscope. but there were more. he mentioned my natural inclination towards astrology and that there is a future for me in this field.

my attitude towards astrology took a serious turn after my first meeting with Henry. over the next year and a half i would go on a once-a-week visit to his stall. his place served as a melting pot for all sorts of spiritual workers. his visitors agreed that there seemed to be a magical force that drew like-minded people in and held them there. i could not deny that strange force, as i found myself wanting to drop in every so often.

a relaxed atmosphere grew between teacher and student. Henry and i are about the same age, but in the matter of astrology he was the master while i was a novice. in one of our conversations, he said he wanted me to take a look at something. “Remember the day you bought your first report?”

“how can i forget? it was the day i realized that astrology will be with me for the rest of my life.”

he turned on his PC and pressed some keys. then he looked up at me and said, “Come and look.”

as i came close to the screen i made out the familiar zodiac wheel with the symbols, houses, and crisscrossing lines and dashes. it was Henry’s birth horoscope. my jaw almost dropped at the telling similarity and the compelling relationship between our birth charts. then i understood why he wanted to speak with me that day. to say it simply, Henry and i shared a special bond. our meeting had not been a coincidence. it was a karmic thing. he had been my teacher in a past life.

in 2001, i felt assured enough in my knowledge to begin reading for other people. the burden of responsibility on an astrologer is a significant one. an astrologer cannot be careless in delivering her interpretations. most people who consult astrologers needed help on sensitive problems, thus tended to view the astrologer as a sage adviser. i learned that an astrologer must be a philosopher, psychologist and a diplomat at the same time.

later that year, Femalenetwork sounded me out for a horoscopes contract. i was invited to be their on-board astrologer! i was excited beyond words. before my initial meeting with the editors, i went to Henry for advice. how would it go?

“the problem is you. it’s your Mars in 6th House. you’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this but your confidence wavers just when you need to take that final step to make it real. you’re cut out to be an astrologer. go for it.”

since then i have written volumes of zodiac forecasts under the pseudonym Astrodiva. and even as my experience grew i always discovered something new to work on. the studying never stops. there is always something to learn.

people have asked me how one could become an astrologer. Julia and Derek Parker, in their book, “Parker’s Astrology,” wrote that one must have a genuine interest in people. in my opinion, he or she must also have a strong spiritual and philosophical inclination. astrology is a multi-faceted discipline and an astrologer’s unique style is colored heavily by his life philosophy, spiritual beliefs and value judgments. therefore, there is no one correct way in the reading and interpretation of charts.

perhaps the most important ingredient in the making of an effective astrologer is his desire to help others sort out their problems. there is always a Neptunian quality about being an astrologer, and many who practice their craft do not have the intention of making this their primary source of income. in my case, i feel that my talent is a gift. a gift is something to be shared. i do not wish it to be “consumerized.”

astrology is for everyone. there is no “right age” for one to embark on the study of astrology. if you feel the desire to delve in the knowledge of the stars, do not deny the calling of your soul. it may come at any point in your life. nevertheless, be ready to become a perpetual student. astrology is a lifelong endeavor.

i let astrology slide for more than a decade. those years set the stage for my realization of astrology’s value in my life. it was truly a matter of time. when i found it again, it became my passion, my philosophical anchor in life.


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7 Responses to "In starry retrospect"

thanks for the flattering comments!:) where have you disappeared to. even archie syimtoco doesnt know where you are! drop me a line. have a great new year!:)

Henry, sent u email šŸ™‚

Hi Henry,

Mike here from our Coffee California days in Megamall. I want to touchbase with you…send me your contact thru email.


Intimately, this content is really the greatest for this valuable topic. I agree using your conclusions all of which will thirstily anticipate your upcoming updates. Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, to the tremendous clarity in the writing.

where can i reach henry palacios… i need to set up an appointment with him any help you can give me I will surely appreciate

@rica ligot
You can try getting in touch with him on Facebook.

Thanks for writing your journey in astrology. I met henry too in some similar fashion. I wAnted to pursue it too at some point but missed the chances. Hope to meet you and henry next time. Ayesah

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