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antiquechartFor our session, I use specific details of your birth–the month, day and year, the place and the exact time of birth–to cast your Natal Horoscope. This is the unique blueprint of your personality, strengths, stumbling blocks and roadmap of your future potential. I combine an extensive knowledge of astrological theory, experience and accurate intuition in interpreting your Natal Horoscope.

This reading examines your natural character and personality. It reveals what horoscopes cannot—your “real astrological story.”

The following topics are included in the reading:

  • What is the type of man/woman for me?
  • What is my sexual personality?
  • What career suits me best?
  • What obstacles do I need to overcome?


To inquire about this reading or to book a consultation
Kindly send me an email and include your birth information.

Your birth information
→ Birthday (month, day, year)
→ Exact time of birth [Why is this important?]
→ Place of birth (nearest town/city)


What is a natal horoscope?
The natal horoscope is a map of the heavens showing the exact positions of the planets at the moment of your birth. It is geocentric in perspective, with the Earth at the center of a two-dimensional universe and the Sun, Moon, and other bodies moving around it. The standard horoscope shows an image of a zodiac wheel, which is divided into twelve sections, known as houses.

The planets reflect certain energies and modes of expression. The zodiac signs show the manner in which the planets’ energies are expressed. The houses represent the areas of life, or circumstances, in which these energies are most likely to manifest.

The relationships formed between the various planets, which are represented by the angles they make to each other (called aspects), as well as the signs and houses they occupy, are the groundwork of natal horoscope analysis and interpretation.

In astrology, the terms “Natal Horoscope” and “Birth Chart” are used synonymously.


Why is the birth time important?
Because the planets and cosmic forces that govern astrology are in constant motion, the birth time specifies an exact moment of the day and is therefore an important, if not critical, factor in drawing up a truly unique natal horoscope. The difference of a quarter of an hour can affect the accuracy of your natal horoscope. A fast-moving body such as the Moon can change location in the zodiac in a matter of hours. The Rising Sign or the Ascendant, which is necessary for determining the house cusps, rotates significantly throughout the course of the day. Astrologers use the exact placement of these items and other key indicators as a basis for the most detailed and specific birth chart interpretation.

The best source of birth time information aside from the birth certificate is the hospital record where you were born, which is usually the more accurate one. If you are unable to locate the exact moment of birth, try to get as close as you can. You can look it up in your baby book. Usually, mothers remember the approximate time, if not the minute, their children were born.


Rising sign, anyone?
Your Rising Sign or Ascendant reflects that portion of the sky that was ascending (thus the term “rising”) on the Eastern horizon the moment you were born. This degree marks the cusp, or the boundary, of the First House of your natal horoscope. Knowing your birth time is a necessary piece of information to determine your Rising Sign.

Your Rising Sign is a significant part of your natal horoscope because it serves to establish a basic pattern in your life. Where the Sun establishes your character, your Rising Sign determines your personality, the way you project yourself outward, and the general impression that you make on others. Frequently, you will have a Rising Sign that is entirely different from your Sun Sign, and learning about your Rising Sign can provide greater insight into your personal astrological makeup.


I loved your reading…such an eye opener! (Hazel – Manila, Philippines)


Cat Arriola [Astrodiva]

Cat Arriola [Astrodiva]

Astrodiva wrote horoscopes for FemaleNetwork and Cosmopolitan (Philippines) Online. You'll find the same fun sexy slant here.

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All times in Philippine Time UTC +8

  • Tues., January 5 @2:58 AM
    Sun conjunct Mercury
    You're extra bubbly and talkative. Communicate--you're the star!
    @6:29 PM
    Mercury conjunct Venus
    New friends add sparkle to your social life.
  • Tues., January 12 @4:23 AM
    Sun conjunct Venus
    Power up your inner Diva with with a hot new outfit.
  • Wed., January 13 @5:35 PM
    Venus sextile Uranus
    Flirty innuendo piques his interest.
  • Thurs., January 14 @2:57 AM
    Sun sextile Uranus
    Soar high and don't limit yourself.
  • Sat., January 16 @12:44 AM
    Mercury stations Direct in Capricorn
    Get ready to act out your ideas.
  • Mon., January 18 @9:22 AM
    Jupiter into Pisces
    Sympathy builds rapport with other people.
    @10:20 PM
    Venus into Aquarius
    Your unpredictable mix of aloofness and bubbly warmth keeps them guessing. Shock tactics thrill.
  • Wed., January 20 @12:19 PM
    Sun into Aquarius
    Heed your need to be different. Do your own thing.
  • Fri., January 22 @1:53 PM
    Venus trine Saturn
    Nourish the ties that bind you.
  • Sun., January 24 @11:29 PM
    Sun trine Saturn
    What you build now is built to last. Lay some strong foundations.
  • Wed., January 27 @1:17 PM
    Venus oppose Mars
    You're looking for a new turn-on. Go with your passion.
  • Sat., January 30 @3:35 AM
    Sun oppose Mars
    Anger is a waste of your time. Hit the gym--or the bedroom!

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