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earthAre you looking for a new job? Are you in the “right” job? Considering a career move? Your Natal Horoscope contains the secret of your success.

Sample questions:

  • What career or job suits me best?
  • What can I look forward to in my job?
  • When is the best time to look for a job?
  • When is the best time to ask for a promotion/raise?
  • When is the best time to make a career move?


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A Mini-reading for Cheri
Cheri wrote:

I would like some career guidance. I am working in a call center for 2 years now (and still counting) and wondering if my stay here would be fruitful in the years to come.


Astrodiva’s reading:
Jupiter, the planet of luck, is exerting a positive influence, the least of which is a renewal of your enthusiasm in your present job.

Beginning next month, you will be going through one of your most expansive life stages! There will be new job opportunities for you, if you are inclined in this direction. If you are looking for a promotion or a lateral transfer, watch for the possibility these next several months, especially from late August thru September, and another wonderful opportunity in November.

Is this the right job for you?

You appear to be in a job that is predisposed by your stars, since your Ascendant is in Virgo and this denotes a tendency to be employed in jobs where one’s logical and communicative skills are put to use.

Nonetheless, you tend to have a rather low-key job with a lack of visibility. You have your Sun in Leo and your Moon in Aries, which should give you drive and ambition. With the strong Virgo and 12th house influence on your character makeup, however, you are somehow unable to express your abilities openly. It appears that your talents remain largely undiscovered or under-utilized.

There will be a degree of restlessness that will move you to question if you should be somewhere else, perhaps in a more authoritative or glamorous position, than where you are now. You may be feeling the urge to break free from the usual grind of your life. This will become more pronounced as the current year draws to a close. But because you are a cautious person, you are going to think it over seriously. You are not one to upset the cookie cart unnecessarily, especially the one that concerns your livelihood.

November is a good time to explore any new opportunity for change. You are the kind of person who wants to improve her skills, so it is good to go into seminars or new classes during this period.

Nevertheless, whether you take a new job or stay in your present one, there are more responsibilities indicated. Saturn is moving through your sector of career and this also portends some kind of recognition of your efforts, whether it comes from yourself because you realize you want to move out to greener pastures, or from your company through a promotion or transfer.

Job opportunities generally do not come too often for you. However, this period in your life may open new doors and you will have choices to make in the near future.

Being a sun sign Leo, you desire recognition. You have a natural charm but you often find yourself holding back from fully displaying your inherent gifts. In fact you know can reach the top but somehow, you seem to shun the spotlight. Nevertheless, you are a studious person and are able to perform what is expected of you.

  • Cheri was awarded a promotion in September, six months after the reading was made.

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  • Tues., January 5 @2:58 AM
    Sun conjunct Mercury
    You're extra bubbly and talkative. Communicate--you're the star!
    @6:29 PM
    Mercury conjunct Venus
    New friends add sparkle to your social life.
  • Tues., January 12 @4:23 AM
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  • Wed., January 13 @5:35 PM
    Venus sextile Uranus
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  • Thurs., January 14 @2:57 AM
    Sun sextile Uranus
    Soar high and don't limit yourself.
  • Sat., January 16 @12:44 AM
    Mercury stations Direct in Capricorn
    Get ready to act out your ideas.
  • Mon., January 18 @9:22 AM
    Jupiter into Pisces
    Sympathy builds rapport with other people.
    @10:20 PM
    Venus into Aquarius
    Your unpredictable mix of aloofness and bubbly warmth keeps them guessing. Shock tactics thrill.
  • Wed., January 20 @12:19 PM
    Sun into Aquarius
    Heed your need to be different. Do your own thing.
  • Fri., January 22 @1:53 PM
    Venus trine Saturn
    Nourish the ties that bind you.
  • Sun., January 24 @11:29 PM
    Sun trine Saturn
    What you build now is built to last. Lay some strong foundations.
  • Wed., January 27 @1:17 PM
    Venus oppose Mars
    You're looking for a new turn-on. Go with your passion.
  • Sat., January 30 @3:35 AM
    Sun oppose Mars
    Anger is a waste of your time. Hit the gym--or the bedroom!

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